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Feel Fit

Feel Fit was founded in 1990 by Magda Oord.

Feel fit has grown and now one has a choice of four vibrant and enthusiastic instructors who offer a variety of aerobic and fitness lessons for people who are aged from 16 to 86 years. To get an idea for the groups click here. This fitness club has been pumping, jumping and sweating since 1997 at the "Tennispark WW" in van Hogenhoucklaan, Den Haag.

All the instructors are energetic, friendly and qualified. They take special care coaching fitness sessions, keeping them challenging, yet realistic.
Apart from that, there is attention for the social aspect; the cup of coffee after a good workout is very much appreciated.

Magda Oord

I have taught “bodyshape”, “BBB” and other classes with a great deal of energy and pleasure since 1988. 
I studied to become and aerobic instructor, this was followed by a course in sports massage. These were augmented and complemented by studying psycho-dynamic body functioning.

This special combination of trainings makes my classes quite unique. The atmosphere and energy at these workouts are different when compared with a regular sports club.

It is my goal and challenge to see my class take pleasure in exercising!



a Feel Fit class



Magda Oord (1950)